The Perfect Slice

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Ever wanted the serve the perfect slice of Pie to your Guest or Family but ended up with pathetic looking slice instead? The Perfect Slice is the Perfect answer to you! With just one press you will get the Perfect looking slice of  Pie, Cake, Lasagna Etc.




·         Save time and mess

·         Each slice is the same size – No more arguments over who gets the bigger slice of cake!

·         Simply press down to slice

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Perfect for Cakes, Pies, Quiches, Fruit, Lasagna and more!



1.Select either the circle grid or square grid piece.

2. Securely insert/slide selected grid piece into the  inside  grooves set within the main slicing frame.

3. Center unit over cake/food item to be sliced.

4. Holding both frame handles securely, press unit down and through to the base of the cake/food item.

5. To remove slicer, carefully pull unit back up and out.

Package Includes:

·         1 x The perfect Slicer Grip

·         1 x Pie (Round) Slicer

·         1 x Cake, Lasagna Slicer

·         1 x Pie Server Cutter


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