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Destroying hundreds of years of women’s history in one infomercial’: Women are voicing disbelief at ‘sexist’ and ‘unnatural’ ad for a new waist-slimming corset belt



The company behind a corset-like belt that claims to make women ‘look thinner in seconds’ is facing backlash from social media users who have labeled the item as ‘sexist’, ‘painful-looking’, and ‘terrifying’.

Called Miss Belt, the contraption cinches around waists to flatten and suck in stomachs at the middle, resulting in an exaggerated hourglass shape for the wearer.

However, many women – and some men – have a problem with the product’s claim that it gives ladies ‘the perfect waistline’, arguing on Twitter that the belt’s results look unnatural and ignore the progress that women have made from oppression over the past couple centuries.


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