Fruit Slicer

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One-purpose gadgets do not appeal to me, but this one works too well to pass up. Tuscan craftsmen specializing in stainless steel produced this double scythe-like knife for cutting and serving watermelon. Plunge it, curved side up, into half a melon near the edge, drag it along until you reach the other side, then reverse it, curved side down, to lift out a slice. It will work on a quartered melon, too, and even on a big cake




  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: 24 x 4 cm


–    Ideal for fresh decorations
–    Cut and serve watermelon
–    Provide fixed cutting with the same thickness
–    Allows you to extract well-cut slices of watermelon safely and without damaging
–    Simple and perfect cut of watermelon with clean cut


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