EZ Leg Massager

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The compression leg massager is an intermittent pneumatic compression massage device to that helps improve circulation in the legs and feet for people who are inactive for long periods of time. The compression leg massager delivers it’s massaging action by inflation and deflation of it’s cuffs which wrap around the calf. The squeezing of the muscles acts as a pump to help improve circulation in the lower leg and foot. Pneumatic compression massage is generally accepted by the community as a benefit in improving circulation and reducing swelling caused by edema. Each unit includes a belt extender which allows the compression leg massager to fit up to 20 inch calf. Three compression level settings – low, medium and high. Compact and portable.



Product Features:

The EZ Leg Massager is the ultimate in affordable home pampering. Slip on our comfortable leg sleeve, flip the switch and sit back as your muscle aches and stress melt away. The EZ Leg Massager automatically conforms to your body and is proven to improve blood circulation and swelling, thus ensuring custom-care for achy bodies or those who are inactive for long stretches of time. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).


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