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Laptop Cooling Pad can be used as a notebook stand and/or cooling pad. The adjustable anti-skid holders are compatible for 9″~17″ laptops. The 140mm silent fan and full range mesh surface with aerodynamic designed intake provide silent and efficient cooling. ErgoStand is the perfect multi function product that gives your laptop the total cooling solution




Heat is the enemy of computer components. Most of us spend quite a bit of time picking out just the right chassis, case fans and coolers for our desktops, but notebooks are often left out of the cooling game. There are, however, a few products out there that try to address the issue of laptop cooling. One such product from Cooler Master is the NotePal ErgoStand, which we have for review today. We have seen several different versions of notebook coolers, most opting to be a bit more portable than the ErgoStand, a more stationary stand. The ErgoStand comes with a fan speed control and a 4-port USB hub built into the stand.

The USB Hub/Fan Control:

At the back of the stand is a 4 port USB hub, a speed control for fan, a button to turn the fan on and off, and a blue LED to indicate whether the power is on or off. Also, there is a port to plug in a micro-USB cable in. This is in case you have a phone charger (Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone) lying around not doing anything, and would like to plug it in to the back to run the fan and provide power to the USB hub. I haven’t actually tried plugging both my computer’s USB in as well as a charger in the unit, but I imagine (hope) that both will be isolated, and hence will not cause any damage.


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