Adidas Spring Blade

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The Adidas Springblade Ignite is a running shoe worth purchasing if you are aiming for better propulsive movement and efficacy in performance. Its cushioning and forward-propelling system in the blades keeps you encouraged when it comes to your routines and trainings. Advanced athletes will also find this shoe a perfect match.





  • The style of this shoe is appealing because of the contemporary design and the presence of the unique outsole blades.
  • Many testers noted that the upper is reliable in terms of durability and breathability.
  • Most reviewers appreciated the cushioning because the foam-like effect of the blades work well.
  • The blades allow the runner more propulsive motion and bounce.
  • The moisture-wicking inner lining keeps the inner area of the Springblade Ignite cool and dry.
  • Neutral to mild over-pronators get ample amount of support.  



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