5 Second Fix

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  • Fix, Fill & Seal Anything In Seconds!
  • 5 Second Fix™ creates an everlasting bond in seconds.
  • Just apply the liquid plastic, weld with the UV light and you’re done!
  • Flexible, sandable & paintable material dries clear so no one knows it’s there.
  • Great for repairing glasses, jewelry, sealing leaky pipes, filling cracks and more.


5 Second Fix (Liquid – Plastic Welding Tool) UV Light

Fix, fill, repair and seal virtually anything in 5 seconds or less with 5 Second Fix, as seen on TV. 5 Second Fix is a super powered liquid plastic welding compound that you can use to quickly and easily make permanent seals and repairs. Unlike glue and common adhesives 5 Second Fix lets you position and reposition until you want to make the weld permanent, then just apply the UV light. It dries clear and is flexible, sandable and paintable. Works on wood, metal, plastic, glass and much more.

Flawlessly bond everything from plastic to metal, to split wood and broken glass! Unlike glue and common adhesives, 5 Second Fix™ lets you position and reposition until you want to make the weld permanent. There’s no sticky mess and you can even sand or paint just like New!

5 Second Fix uses a battery powered UV LED light to harden the glue. You are supposed to apply the 5 Second Fix glue to where you want it and then just shine the UV light on it for 15-20 seconds and the resin hardens. The UV light does the job of “wielding”. The UV LED light of the 5 Second Fix is also not very well made and the battery may be already dead when it arrives. When the battery gets weaker the light also dims out hampering the bonding. So if you have a larger UV flashlight that covers a larger area, it will help repair items faster.


  • Not a Glue! Super Powered Liquid Plastic Welding Compound
  • Fast & Strong! Create an Everlasting Bond in Just 5 Seconds
  • Only Cures with UV Light So You
  • Can Position and Reposition Your Repair
  • Dries Clear So You Can Fix Anything
  • Permanently Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass and More
  • Flexible, Sandable, and Paintable — Use 5 Second Fix Everywhere!


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